Wheel and Tire Cleaning Kit


This perfect kit takes your wheels and tires to the next level. Using TRX to clean those dirty tires and wheel arches will make your life much easier. Fuego is the ultimate wheel cleaner with its ability to clean and decontaminate your wheels in one step. 

What Is Included:

1 Gallon of Fuego | 2 in-1 Wheel Cleaner

1 Gallon of TRX | Tire, Rubber, and Exterior

2 32oz hyperCLEAN 32oz Bottles w/ Chemical Sprayer 


Information On Each Product:


hyperCLEAN TRX is the most versatile cleaner on the market. It is a true multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean up plastics, rubber, paint, engines, and even coated leather.

  • Concentrated Surfactant Makes TRX Extremely Versatile
  • Safe On All Modern Surfaces 
  • Better Cleaning Ability Than Most Harsh Degreasers

TRX was developed to address the many different surfaces we find on cars today. A safe cleaner with the power to clean up all the modern surfaces of cars is what sets TRX apart. 

Dilution Recommendations:

Light Cleaning: 4:1 

Medium Cleaning: 3:1  

Heavy Cleaning: 1:1

To use on light paint pre-soaking try 10:1

On Interiors 20:1 for coated leathers and light staining. 



Fuego is a game-changing wheel cleaner and iron decontamination product. The perfect 2-in-1 product that can be used to deep clean wheels or remove iron contaminants from the paint of your car. Fuego doesn't have that traditional harsh smell of other iron-removing products on the market providing a more user-friendly experience. 

  • pH Neutral and safe on wheel and painted surfaces.
  • Extreme Foaming ability which allows the cleaner and iron remover to work longer. Providing a deeper clean.
  • Thicker Formula allows the product to cling to any surface and break down iron particles.
  • Iron Remover will turn purple when breaking down iron particles on the wheels or paint. 

Directions Of Use:

Use the product on a cool surface out of direct sunlight for the best results. Use it on a wet or dry surface but the chemical will work best and most efficiently if the surface is dry. Spray it on the surface and let it dwell. Make sure to rinse the chemical off of the paint or wheels fully. Use the product at full strength do not dilute.