The paint on your car is the first thing that the world sees, and it also has to endure a lot. Windshields and bug splats can damage your car's paint job, which can leave you in a constant circle of trying to keep your vehicle clean and protected. 

But keeping your vehicle looking top-notch doesn't have to be a lifetime battle. Fortunately, there are some excellent products on the market to help shore up your car's defenses. No doubt you've heard of many of them, but there's a new kid on the block that's well worth learning about. And that new kid is a nano ceramic coating. 

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of learning about nano ceramic coatings, why should you protect your cars paintwork in the first place? 

Why Do Your Cars Paint Work Need Protecting?

As we know, our cars see a lot. And without added protection, wear and tear from the natural world will start to show. Particularly on your car paint job. That's why adding an extra layer of protection to keep your paintwork looking top-notch is essential.

Protectors for your car paintwork are essentially an invisible coating applied over the car. This extra protective layer works to shield the paintwork from fading, animal mess, and even damage from stray stones. It's not quite enough to save your vehicle from a dent or scrape, but it will keep your paint job looking like new. 

But not all car paint protection is created equal. There are several types available on the market, all with differing amounts of protection. 

  • Paint Protection Film 

A paint protection film is applied to high impact areas of your car as a transparent urethane film. Some brands have a certain amount of self-healing properties that will allow light scratches to return to clear and continue to protect the paintwork underneath. 

  • Wax Protection 

Car wax comes in both natural and synthetic forms. It's cheaper than other forms of paintwork protection and provides a decent protective barrier. But it won't last a lifetime. 

  • Ceramic Paint Protection 

This comes in the form of nano coatings, and the car needs to be prepped before applying. A thin layer of this protection is applied to the vehicle, forming a chemical bond that will only come off with abrasive force. These coatings are resistant to UV rays and chemicals along with the everyday things other forms of protection cover. 

What Exactly Is Nanotechnology?

It's likely that you've heard of nanotechnology in conversations about aerospace or communications tech. It's less likely that you've heard it used in the same sentence as car paint protection. But nanotech refers to anything where the solution is for items smaller than 100 nanometers. And that's small.

But the nanoceramic particles' size makes it so effective in this arena. Nano ceramic coatings are made up of nanoceramic particles, which are microscopic. These particles provide an invisible shield against dirt and other contaminants on your car's paint job. And the smaller the particle, the better it can penetrate into the surface of your paint job to provide protection. That's why nano products offer more security than their larger counterparts.

The benefits of nanocers go beyond just protecting your car's finish. When applied to your vehicle, they also give it a glossy shine and protect against fading caused by sun exposure or pollution. Nanotechnology helps keep your car looking good for years without any touch-ups.

What Is A Nano Ceramic Coating?

It's essential to work on protecting your car's paint job when you can. But it can be a long and tedious job that requires repeated maintenance. That's why a nanoceramic coating is one of the best products for the job.

A nano ceramic coating is a protective sealant that prevents scratching and fading of your car's paint. It's scientifically formulated to penetrate your cars microscopic imperfections. Nano ceramic coatings do this by filling in the tiny gaps to smooth imperfections and leaves a layer of protection that's almost as strong as quartz. 

The strength of the coating is what keeps your car looking new for years to come and with very minor maintenance. As the nano coating penetrates deeper layers and minor imperfections, it keeps your vehicle better protected from wear and tear. This type of coating is perfect for anyone who wants to prevent and minimize any damage from staining, UV rays, oxidation, and fading. 

How Does Nano Ceramic Coating Work?

As previously stated, a nano ceramic coating is a protective sealant that's applied to your car's paint job. It creates an extremely durable and protective barrier of ceramic nanoparticles that self-heal and prevent damage from occurring. And it works by filling in microscopic imperfections. 

It has a number of benefits, including extreme durability, protection against scratches and abrasions, and prevents fading or discoloration from UV rays and pollution. In addition, it can be layered on top of any existing paint job, so it doesn't matter how old or faded your car is. You'll get the same high-quality protection without having to repaint your vehicle.

The nano ceramic coating is also water-based, which means it's environmentally friendly. In addition, it's low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and free from harsh chemicals, making it a safe product for both you and the environment 

How Does Your Car Benefit From A Nano Ceramic Coating? 

Think about a car that has a nanoceramic coating. It doesn't have to be a brand-new car, but the paint job has been sealed with a nanoceramic coating from day one. So as soon as it's driven off the lot, it will look like new for years.

Cars are outside all year long and exposed to different environments, which can leave the paint job looking bad in no time at all. A nanoceramic coating seals the paint and keeps the car shiny and looking great for longer than any other product on the market.

As well as getting a car that's protected from all manner of wear and tear, ceramic paint protection is also hydrophobic. That means it prevents dust and water from attaching themselves to the surface and causing problems for your paintwork down the line. Not only that, but a nano ceramic coating permanently adheres to your cars paintwork, so it won't come off easily. 

To top it all off, a nano ceramic coating scores above 9H on the Pencil test scale. And that's the highest level used in the car coating industry. This means that it's incredibly difficult for anything to penetrate the top protective layer. As a result, you can get away with minor scratches without having to pay out for a new paint job. So it might cost you a bit more than other forms of coating, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. 

Applying A Nano Ceramic Coating

It's essential to understand how a nanoceramic coating works before applying it to your car.

The first step is to seal the paint with a quality wax or sealant. This helps protect the paint so that the nano ceramic coating can provide additional protection. Next, wash your car and polish it with an appropriate polish. This may seem like a lot of preparation, but it's an important step. If you apply a nano ceramic coating to your cars paintwork without preparing the base, you'll amplify the imperfections. Imagine your car without a wash or polish. You're likely to have marks and minor abrasions on full show. Adding a ceramic coating means you amplify the paintwork underneath. So if your car is dirty, the coating will boost that dirt for all to see. And these coatings don't come off easily. That's why prep is so important. And for you to get it right, the first time. 

But now you're ready for the main event! The application process is pretty simple: Just spray on two coats of the nano ceramic coating and allow each coat to dry for 15 minutes. Then buff off any residue with a microfiber towel. Now you just need to wait for it to cure for 24 hours before driving your car again. 

It's worth noting that while it can be applied by yourself at home, it can be a tricky process. And if you want optimum protection, you should get a professional ceramic coating technician to apply it. If you're in any doubt about how to use or your skills in application, then call the pros. It's not worth getting this wrong. 

The Pros And Cons Of A Nano Ceramic Coating For Your Car

Don't let your car's paint job deter you from showing off your vehicle. A nanoceramic coating will keep the paint on your car looking fresh for years to come, and it does so without any touch-ups after installation.

There are a few benefits of having a nanoceramic coating installed. One is that it protects against scratches and abrasions—even if they are caused by bugs or rocks hitting the surface of your car's paint job. Another benefit is that it prevents fading, discoloration, and pollution damage due to the sun's UV rays. But it's worth looking into all these benefits more in-depth. 

  • Improved Cleaning 

Keeping your car looking its best can feel like a constant job. And it quickly becomes tedious when you have to go through the process over and over again. No one likes standing outside in the winter washing their car until their hands become blocks of ice. 

Adding a nano ceramic coating to your vehicle means you now have a hydrophobic effect that reduces time spent cleaning hugely. The high gloss hydrophobic finish of the nano ceramic solution means dirt wipes off easily. The grime that would take hours scrubbing to remove will now come off with a quick wash. 

  • High Shine 

If you like a high gloss finish, then a nano ceramic coating is perfect for you. This low maintenance protective solution will keep your car glossy for years to come. 

While the main benefit of a nanoparticle coating is its ability to block damage from penetrating further and maintaining a scratch-resistant surface, it also amplifies the shine of your car underneath. That's why the prep before the application is so important. You don't want to amplify a dull, unprepared car. Because those imperfections will be strengthened too. 

  • Reduction Of UV And Oxidation Damage 

Nano ceramic coatings are formulated to reflect UV rays which means your vehicle looks better and is protected from the sun. Lack of maintenance or living in coastal areas can amplify UV damage. Salt, sun, and humidity can all contribute to damage made to your car over a length of time. But with a ceramic coating, you'll have a near-invincible but invisible shield against these contaminants. 

If properly maintained, your nano ceramic coating will reflect UV damage, prevent oxidation, and create a barrier that hardens to the very top of the coating hardness scale.  

  • Stops Chemical Staining 

Chemical stains can cause havoc with your car paint job. Not only that, but they're hard to remove and spoil the aesthetics you worked so hard to achieve. Adding a nano ceramic coating means your cars outer defenses are the best they can be. And your car will be protected from common chemical stains. It works by blocking chemicals in their tracks when they come into contact with the surface of the vehicle. 

The technology of your top of the line coating means that you can avoid expensive paint corrections and halts the process of harsh chemicals penetrating into the clear coat.

But this is a pros and cons list. So while nano ceramic coatings are excellent in protecting your vehicle, they do come with one disadvantage. And that's that they cost more than other products like waxes or polishes. There's no denying it; nano ceramic coatings aren't cheap. However, this product lasts much longer than those products—a nanoceramic coating can last up to 10 years. So while cost is a downside, the long-term benefits of a nano solution being applied to your car outweigh the cost. In the long run, you'll save money on cleaning and other protective products. So it's an investment worth making. 

Why Choose A Nano Ceramic Coating Over Other Protective Products?

You might be wondering - why bother paying more for a nano ceramic coating vs other protective products available on the market? Particularly wax products that are far cheaper. 

  • Hardness 

The most significant difference between nano ceramic coatings and other protective coatings is the level of hardness it gives once cured. Compared with ceramic coating, wax is far less rigid, which in turn makes it less protective. 

Nano ceramic coatings provide a pencil hardness of 9. Where a wax coating will only ever hit between a 2 and 4. So ceramic coatings are incredibly hard and tough to penetrate. It's near impossible to rub off without the help of abrasion and provides long term protection that's backed by a warranty. 

  • Warranties 

Wax coatings don't come with warranties. That's because they'll hold up for a few months, but you will need to reapply numerous times over the lifetime of your car. And there are too many variables that can affect the wax coating, making giving it a warranty impossible.  

Nano ceramic coatings, however, come with at least 6 month warranties. And they can be extended up to lifetime cover if needed. The level of warranty cover available just goes to show how much confidence the industry has in ceramic coatings. They're guaranteed to last you a lifetime in many cases. 

  • Curing 

Ceramic coatings are different to others because of their curing process on car paint. Wax is great because it can be applied by hand. Even by someone untrained. But that means application mistakes can happen, which puts the wax protection's integrity in question. 

Nano coating is applied by trained ceramic coating technicians. And then it's cured in a controlled environment. This allows for an optimal bond to the paint of your vehicle. 

Wrapping Up

Cars are expensive to buy, expensive to run, and expensive to insure. They start costing you money as soon as they leave the shop. That cost then amplifies over the vehicles lifetime as you work to keep it clean and in good condition. And they are also expensive to paint if they were to come into contact with anything abrasive. However, it doesn't have to be. But, if you've got a car, you've got paint. Paint that needs protecting. Paint that needs defending. Paint that needs saving.

One of the best ways to protect your paint job is to invest in a nano ceramic coating. It easily sticks to the surface of your car, keeping it looking good for longer and then cures to a hardness that will protect your paintwork for years to come. It also gives your vehicle an excellent shine while defending against damage that can be caused by the suns rays and pesky birds. 

A nano ceramic coating is a great way to give your car the protection it needs without compromising on the quality of your paint job.