Quik Shine | Universal Dressing | Matte Finish



Quik Shine, is the ultimate universal dressing that combines convenience, affordability, and exceptional performance. Designed for those seeking a sleek matte type of finish, this ready-to-use formula is perfect for enhancing the appearance of tires, engine bays, bed liners, and the interior of your car.

Quik Shine offers an irresistible price point without compromising on quality. With just a few sprays or wipes, you can effortlessly transform the look of your vehicle, leaving a professional-grade matte-like finish that is sure to turn heads. Say goodbye to dull and lackluster surfaces as Quik Shine revives and rejuvenates, giving your car a fresh and modern touch.

  • Easy and Quick Application 
  • UV Protection Inside The Formula
  • Matte Finish 
  • Works On Tires, Interior, Engine Bays, and More

Not only does Quik Shine provide an enviable matte appearance, but it also offers impressive protection against harmful elements. Its advanced formulation creates a protective barrier, shielding your tires, engine bay, bed liner, and interior parts from UV rays, dirt, and grime. This means your vehicle stays cleaner for longer, and maintenance becomes a breeze.

Whether you're a car enthusiast, professional detailer, or simply someone who takes pride in their ride, Quik Shine is a must-have in your arsenal. Its effortless application and outstanding results make it the go-to choice for achieving that sleek and sophisticated matte finish you desire.

This is the perfect dressing for those looking for an affordable option that can be used on all types of surfaces. This is truly a Universal Dressing that can dress up all parts of your vehicle in a single step without leaving a glossy sticky finish behind. 

Directions: Quik Shine is Ready to Use and should not be diluted. Applying Quik Shine is a breeze. Simply wipe or spray it onto the desired surface or use our Hex Comfort Applicator, and watch as it effortlessly spreads and adheres, leaving behind a matte, durable finish. No complex procedures or tedious application methods—just quick, hassle-free use. If you want a higher shine finish add a second coat of Quik Shine.