Marolex Industry Ergo


We were not sold on the pump sprayer movement until we used Marolex. As most of you know the vast majority of pump sprayers on the market are cheap and don't perform very well. Marolex changed our entire view because of its high-quality construction. These sprayers will last longer on each pump providing a great user experience.

Ergo 2000 Specifications:

  • Total capacity - 81.15oz (2.4L)
  • Working capacity - 67.62oz (2.0L)
  • Pressure - 58 psi (0.4 Mpa)
  • Net weight - 1.21 lbs (0.55 kg)
  • Height - 12.12 in (308 mm) 

Manufacturer Description

With the introduction of the industry ergo™ series, the industry has gained a fantastic tool. An acid-resistant sprayer that is also light and handy. This is the last sprayer you will need.

3D Flex is a construction that gives more freedom of use. Sprayers with 3D Flex can work in any position, even with the tank facing up. Thanks to this solution, you will reach even the most inaccessible nooks and crannies with unprecedented ease.