Ultra Dress | Water Based Dressing



Ultra Dress is a water-based dressing that is designed to be extremely versatile. Safe and effective on non-painted plastic, rubber engine components, tires, wheel areas, as well as interior and exterior trim. 

We have designed this dressing to be super easy to use, just spray it on and use your applicator of choice to work into the surface. Ultra Dress provides a clean look as well as protection for your tires or plastic surfaces. 

Ultra Dress is a dilutable dressing that saves money.

Recommended Dilutions

Full Strength - Great for that high shine finish on tires and plastics

2:1 - Medium shine finish on tires and plastics

4:1 - Matte finish on tires and plastics

Ultra Dress can be diluted to your liking, helping to achieve the desired finish you are looking for on tires and plastics.

16oz Size Is Ready To Use