Glass Cleaning Kit


If you want to achieve clean streak-free glass this is the kit for you. Simplify your glass cleaning process by using our Glass Cleaner and the Perfect Glass Towel. Also, add some protection to your glass every time you use our glass cleaner which will help keep your glass cleaner for longer. We have worked hard on our glass process to help you achieve perfect results every time!

What Is Included:

1 Gallon of GLASS CLEANER | Clean+Protect

2 Perfect Glass Towels | 350 GSM Streak Free

32oz hyperCLEAN Bottle w/ Chemical Sprayer


Information About Each Product:

Glass Cleaner

The days of streaks on your glass have finally come to an end! Our glass cleaner is free of any cheap solvents that cause streaking in ordinary glass cleaners. This formula has strong cleaning capabilities while adding modern protection to your glass. The first Glass Cleaner that cleans and truly protects your glass all in one! 

  • Leaves Streak Free Finish 
  • Adds Protection To Your Glass
  • Can Be Used In Direct Sunlight
  • Helps Repel Dirt and Dust 


This is a ready-to-use product. Do Not Dilute. Shake Well. Spray Glass Cleaner directly onto the Perfect Glass Towel or 1-2 sprays onto the glass. Wipe down the entire glass then flip the towel and buff it to perfection. Use this product within 12 months of opening.

The Perfect Glass Towel

We have been looking for the answer to getting perfect streak-free and lint-free glass for a long time. Finally, we have the answer with the Perfect Glass Towel! The unique one-of-a-kind microfiber blend will leave you speechless the first time you use this on glass. 

  • Perfect Glass Every Time Hence The Name
  • Takes The Guesswork Out Of Finishing Windows
  • Pair With hyperCLEAN Glass Cleaner For An UNREAL Result 

Care Instructions:

Use a microfiber-safe detergent so it doesn't damage your towel. Either air dry or machine dry on extremely low heat. Our Favorite way to wash towels is with equal parts distilled white vinegar and your favorite microfiber detergent.