GLASS | Ceramic Coating 50mL


hyperCLEAN GLASS is the ultimate water-repellent formula made to ensure clear visibility on your windshield. GLASS has been designed specifically for a vehicle's windshield and glass portions. This durable formula will make using your wipers almost obsolete. 

  • Extremely Hydrophobic Formula
  • Works Well on All Glass
  • Perfect For Windshield Protection Film 
  • Simple Application Process

Our GLASS Coating has extreme chemical and temperature resistance. We are leading the industry with temperature resistance above 250 degrees.


Ensure that you use protective gloves before starting the application process. Place 10-15 drops on an applicator pad and coat half of the glass at a time. Wait for the coating to bead up or sweat and start the removal process with your towels. We suggest using our Leveler towel for the initial coating wipe and a final buff with our VersaTowel