Foam Wash | pH Neutral



hyperCLEAN Foam Wash is a pH-neutral formula that produces incredible suds. Foam Wash adds extraordinary lubrication to the surface which helps ensure a safe wash that won't leave scratches or swirls in your car's paint. Our concentrated formula produces a thick foam that rinses clean so it won't leave residue or water spots behind. 

  • pH Neutral
  • Easy Rinsing Formula  
  • Will Not Remove Existing Protection

hyperCLEAN Foam Wash is designed to be the safest and most well-balanced car soap on the market. Many soaps will leave heavy residue behind on your car's paint but we have purposely designed our soap to easily rinse off leaving no chance for residue. 

Dilution Recommendation:

Add 1oz of Foam Wash to a foam cannon or bucket. Apply to the paint and then use our Ultra Soft Wash Pad to clean the surface to perfection.