Drying Aid Kit


When you want to safely dry your car's paint and add some protection in the process this is the perfect combination. Using SLIQ the perfect silica spray paired with our Orange Krush drying towel will leave your paint glossy, protected, and streak-free. We also added our 32oz hyperCLEAN bottles to pour your SLIQ into for a great user experience.

What Is Included:

1 Gallon of SLIQ | The Perfect Silica Spray

Orange Krush | 16"x24" Twist Loop Drying Towel

32oz hyperCLEAN Bottle w/ Chemical Sprayer


Information On Each Product:


The Perfect Silica Spray. SLIQ has made protecting your car easier than ever before. The amount of depth and gloss that is left behind after using SLIQ will leave everyone speechless.

What is the biggest complaint about silica sprays? The massive streaking/smearing they leave behind for you to deal with on the paint of your car takes away from the gloss and shine. SLIQ is the first completely streak-free silica spray on the market which provides the greatest user experience available.  

SLIQ Benefits

  • SLIQ has UV Inhibitors to add UV Protection 
  • High-quality silica allows SLIQ to work well with ceramic coatings, waxes, and sealants
  • SLIQ can be used as a drying aid, maintenance for a coating, on windows, rims, and safe on trim
  • No streaking. Leads to a safer application. More streaks=More wiping. The more we touch the paint the more likely we inflict damage.


Make sure to shake up the bottle before using it. Use on a dry or wet surface. Place a couple of sprays on the panel or towel and wipe on the surface. Flip the towel over and wipe dry. It is that simple!


Orange Krush Drying Towel

Our Orange Krush towel is 16"x24" with a twist loop weave. This is one incredible drying towel and perfect for those that prefer a medium-sized towel to dry off your car. This is a great towel for a midsized SUV or sedan. 

  • Premium Twist Loop Design
  • Powerful Absorption to Dry Car Quickly 
  • 1400 GSM Making It Ultra Safe For Car Paint
  • Pair with hyperCLEAN SLIQ For The Ultimate Combo

Care Instructions: 

Wash in cold water with other twist-loop towels. Use a microfiber-safe detergent so it doesn't damage your towel. Either air dry or machine dry on extremely low heat. Our Favorite way to wash towels is with equal parts distilled white vinegar and your favorite microfiber detergent.