hyperCLEAN Bug is the safest and most powerful bug cleaner on the market. Using advanced polymer-based technology we have taken away all of the risks associated with traditional bug cleaners on the market.

Most bug cleaners on the market are harsh degreasers at hyperCLEAN we have used advanced polymer technology instead of harsh chemicals that may damage your car's paint, trim, glass, etc...

  • Safe to spray on any exterior surface
  • Safe on all waxes, sealants, Paint Protection Film, and ceramic coatings 
  • Removes all bugs without leaving a harsh chemical or bug stain behind on your car paint

Do not risk sensitive trim pieces, a ceramic coating, or your car's paint by using a harsh bug cleaner. hyperCLEAN Bug is safe and will leave any area free of bugs or damage!

Directions & Dilution Ratios:

Shake the bottle before use. Spray onto the bug splatter and allow it to dwell for around 1 minute. It's best to use out of direct sunlight if possible. Rinse and Repeat if necessary. In extreme cases of heavy bug contamination use light agitation with a microfiber towel or wash pad

Dilution Ratios:

16oz Bottles Are Ready to Use

Gallon Dilution:

3:1 Regular Cleaning for Most Situations 

1:1 Heavy Bugs and a Faster Clean