Car shampoo is a specialized car wash soap designed to be gentle while thoroughly and safely cleaning vehicle surfaces such as paint, plastic, rubber, alloy wheels, and other exterior components. The formula is typically pH-neutral formula (like hyperCLEAN Foam Wash) and contains high-quality surfactants to effectively remove dirt and debris without damaging the surface of your car.

Car shampoos are formulated to break up dirt and oil without removing your vehicle's existing wax, sealant, or ceramic coating protection while leaving behind a brilliant shine. To ensure your car looks its best, it's important to use car wash soaps specifically designed for automotive use, it's easy to reach for a household soap but you would be doing real harm to your vehicle paint.

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What is The Best Car Wash Shampoo?

When it comes to keeping your vehicle looking new, using a high-quality pH-neutral car wash soap is essential. There are many facets to choosing the perfect car shampoo but they are often missed in the car care industry.

Great car wash products help keep your car clean but they also help protect the paint surfaces from micro marring, bird etching, and other environmental contamination because it actually traps dirt in the foam. Clean paint reduces the risk of etching from things like bugs, water spots, etc. hyperCLEAN Foam Wash has been formulated to deep clean without stripping away existing waxes and sealants but also extreme lubrication has been added to allow your Wash Pad to glide across the surface without inflicting any damage.

The benefits of using hyperCLEAN Foam Wash car shampoo are two-fold. First, regular use of a good quality car shampoo effectively removes dirt and debris while still protecting your vehicle's clear coat. A quality car wash product will not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives that could damage the paint job or clear coat over time and should be safe on your ceramic coating, PPF, wax, or sealant-protected car.

Second, using a properly formulated car wash soap gives you peace of mind knowing that the formula contains special agents designed to protect against UV rays, tree sap, salt water corrosion, acid rain, dust particles, road grime, and other contaminants that can cause damage to your paintwork over time if left untreated.

Ultimately choosing a high-quality car shampoo will be the difference between having a great car washing experience or a subpar washing experience. Choosing the best car wash products will separate your vehicle from everyone else on the road because they provide superior results.

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How to Use Car Wash Soap?

Let's start off by saying that there is nothing that looks cooler than spraying thick foam all over your car out of a foam cannon! Using a foam cannon to apply your car wash soap is a great way to give it the best chance for a really deep clean from the clinging foam on the vehicle's painted surface. A foam cannon attaches to your pressure washer or garden hose (using a foam gun is the technical term for your hose) and creates rich, thick luxurious suds that coat the vehicle in an even layer and can start to penetrate every crack and crevice of your car.

This helps apply car wash soaps in the best way to loosen dirt, debris, and grime so that they can be more easily rinsed away without scratching or damaging the paint job. One of the things that you want from your ph-neutral soap is that it rinses clean from the surface in this step. Cheap car shampoo will actually leave a residue behind during this step and actually make your paintwork look dull and worse than before you started in a lot of cases.

The first benefit of using a foam cannon is that it helps increase the amount of cleaning surfactants and lubrication on the surface of your car's paint. By applying a thick foam lather, you reduce the chance of scratches from harsher scrubbing methods because you have applied so much car wash soap to the surface.

Foam cannons also save time compared to traditional washing methods – allowing you to cover more area in less time with car wash soaps. The use of high-pressure water in combination with car wash soap and other cleaning agents also makes for a much quicker clean than just using the soap in a one-bucket or two-bucket method. The deep clean results also last longer as dirt doesn’t have as much opportunity to settle into the crevices that are often missed during traditional washes.

Finally, using a foam cannon provides entertainment! Watching thick suds envelop your car is quite satisfying and lends itself to a more fun car wash experience.

How to Use Car Wash Tools to Properly Wash Your Car

When using a foam cannon many people rinse them off the surface taking away lubrication from the surface. If you have really tough dirt and grime on the surface a simple foam cannon bath with your shampoo will not be enough to clean your car's paint. You will have to do a contact wash using two buckets. The two-bucket method is the gold standard for elite detailers during a car wash.

Instead, do a pre-rinse with your foam cannon car wash soap and rinse it away, then re-apply a new coat of car wash soap with your foam cannon to start your actual contact wash procedures. Choosing between a wash pad or wash mitt will be the next decision that you make in your car wash procedure.

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Choosing a Wash Mitt or Wash Pad?

Choosing a wash pad for your car is one of the most important decisions you will make in your car wash procedure. If you go the cheap route it will definitely damage your car's paint every time you wash your car. There is not a single car shampoo that can protect your car from a low-quality wash mitt or wash pad.

That is why we have the hyperCLEAN Wash Pad its the highest quality construction to make your car wash process as safe as possible.

We shared a lot in this blog post about car wash soap and it can get overwhelming at times. But there is one thing that will always be true in car care, choose the highest-quality products and you won't ever go wrong.

Everyday users of our ph neutral hyperCLEAN Foam Wash will tell you that their user experience is higher because they didn't shop just based on price. If you want top-flight paintwork on your car it starts by choosing the best car wash soap that you can find.