What are the best microfiber towels for cars?

When it comes to cleaning your car, the best towels you can get are microfiber. Microfiber towels are designed to be both gentle and highly absorbent, so they can easily remove dirt and grime without leaving residue. But the most important thing to note is that not all microfiber towels are created equal. That is why we have developed our own microfiber towel system to make it really easy to know what towel you should use for each process on your car.

Orange Krush Car drying towel

What is the Best Microfiber Cloth For a Car?

When it comes to finding the best microfiber cloth for your car, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Some people will look for a thick and ultra-soft microfiber towel designed to absorb more water but not every towel is the best for every situation you will run into on your car cleaning. Choosing suitable microfiber towels will help you remove streaks and smudges quickly, without leaving any lint or residue behind. Not every microfiber towel is suitable for every situation. Hence, it is important to know which microfiber towel fits which process you are trying to complete when you are detailing your vehicle.

Do Microfiber Towels Scratch Your Cars Paint?

The answer is yes if you choose low-quality microfiber towels they will definitely scratch your car's paint. Even though microfiber towels are designed to be gentle and are not abrasive, low-quality microfiber cloths will absolutely scratch your car's paint during car detailing. Microfiber towels can help you remove dirt and grime from your car's surface without damaging it but you have to use them properly and choose a high-quality car drying towel to achieve the best results. That's why professionals recommend using microfiber towels for cleaning automobiles - they can be safe, efficient, and easy to use when you choose the perfect microfiber car drying towel.Microfiber Car Drying Kit

What is the Best Car Drying Towels?

We believe there is one simple answer for the best car drying towel to use on your car's paint. Every time we would choose the twist loop car drying towel. They are the best microfiber towels and an ideal option for drying your vehicle after a wash. These microfiber towels are made of twisted, ultra-soft loops that increase the surface area of the towel, making it more effective at soaking up water and leaving your paint streak-free and shining. Our Big Chug and Orange Krush are the best microfiber car cloths to dry your car's paint after washing. Throw on some hyperCLEAN SLIQ as a drying aid and you have the perfect car drying towel set up to leave your car paint perfect. This is a great combo for reducing your drying time on your vehicle as well as protecting your clear coat from scratches or swirl marks during your car wash process. One thing we love about twist loop towels is they have incredible durability which will save you money on your microfiber drying towels in the long run making them an incredible value. When choosing a car drying towel it is important to keep the safety of your car's clear coat in mind first and foremost.

Interior Cleaning Car Microfiber Towel Kit

Can I Use a Microfiber Cloth for Car Interior?

When you choose the right microfiber towel to use on the interior of your car it will make the process and finish better in all aspects. Lower-pile microfiber towels are great for cleaning the interior of your car. These towels have shorter dense fibers that are lint-free or scratch the delicate surfaces inside your vehicle. With all of the plastic and piano black finishes located in the modern car interior, you need the proper cleaner like our REVIVE Interior Detailer and our Workaholic (which are available in a five-pack) or Versatowel to achieve professional results. We believe these two super soft microfiber towels are the best options to limit tiny scratches on your soft interior surfaces. These microfiber towels are soft and extremely absorbent, making them perfect for wiping away dust, dirt, and liquids without worrying about damaging delicate surfaces like leather, vinyl, and navigation screens. Lower-pile microfiber is the best microfiber towel for keeping the interior of your car clean without risking any damage. Car care especially on the interior has advanced in a massive way over the last few years in auto detailing.

Clean Your Car's Windows With Microfiber Towel Kit

What are the best microfiber cloths for car windows?

We have solved one of the biggest issues in auto detailing. GLASS CLEANING! We have all gotten to the end of detailing a car, looked at our car windows, and thought to ourselves, what the hell just happened? Cleaning the glass on your car has been one of the biggest headaches when cleaning your car. People will try cotton towel, cotton cloths, paper towels, and everything in between with no luck because of the massive amount of lint left behind. Choosing the right window cleaning cloth is the first step in achieving success but it has to be paired with a well-designed glass cleaner as well. The solution is simple here at hyperCLEAN! Use our Perfect Glass Towel with hyperCLEAN Glass Cleaner and the job is pretty much done right every time. We spent almost 2 years coming up with this window cleaning system and we don't believe there is a better microfiber towel and glass cleaner combo on the planet. Some of the key features of the Perfect Glass Towel are it's extremely soft, will not leave lint, is absorbent, and is durable as well as the easiest microfiber towel to use on your car windows.

How Do I Wash My Microfiber Car Towels?

After you get done with your car wash process there will be plenty of dirty microfiber drying towels, interior towels, wheel towels, etc... How you wash them correctly is always one of the biggest questions we get asked. To machine wash your microfiber car towels correctly, it's important to use a gentle cycle and warm water to rinse out all of the chemicals as well as the dirt you picked up along the way. You should also avoid using bleach or fabric softeners as they can clog up the fibers of the towel. Instead, use a detergent free of any scents and dyes or one specifically designed for microfiber. A really effective hack is to add some white vinegar to the wash this will help break down the chemicals trapped in the microfiber towel and restore your towels' natural color and finish. It's also important to color code the machine washing of all your towels to prevent any dye transfer from happening during the cycle. After you have machine washed your microfiber towel, the simplest thing to do is throw them on the lowest heat setting on your dryer to finish the cleaning process. Many will advocate hanging your towels up instead of using a dryer but its incredibly time-consuming and unnecessary in our opinion.