Revive | Quick Interior Detailer



We developed hyperCLEAN Revive to clean the modern car interior. Plastics, Leather, Vinyl, Piano Trim, and of course modern screens. Revive is safe on all surfaces it will not discolor, dry, or damage any part of your interior. 

  • Safe on All Surfaces
  • Will Not Dry, Discolor, or Damage Interior Surfaces
  • Cleans Without Leaving a Residue Behind
  • Cleans Light Soiling to Heavy Soiling 

It is really hard to develop a one-stop product that works on every surface in the modern car interior but hyperCLEAN Revive does it all. This product will make your car interior look and smell cleaner than the day it was delivered.


Revive is a ready-to-use product. Spray Revive directly on the surface you would like to clean and agitate for a deep clean. Wipe away and Revive will leave a nice matte natural look on any surface. Use our Detail Brushes, Scrub Monster, and Microfiber Towels for the best results