Enzyme | Spot and Stain Remover



hyperCLEAN Enzyme Spot & Stain Remover, is an exceptional cleaning solution meticulously crafted to eliminate blemishes and stains swiftly. Our innovative formula combines a unique blend of cleaning chemicals, specifically designed to effectively penetrate and dissolve stubborn grease, oil, dirt, and food-related stains.

hyperCLEAN Enzyme is the ultimate pre-treatment solution for spots and stains on carpets and upholstery, providing a convenient and highly effective remedy to conquer tough stains. With hyperCLEAN Enzyme in your arsenal, restoring cleanliness and freshness to your interior surfaces becomes effortless, regardless of whether you're faced with grease, oil, dirt, or stubborn food stains. 

  • Swiftly eliminates blemishes and debris from carpets and upholstery
  • Quickly cuts through grease, oil, dirt, and food-related stains
  • Great pre-treatment solution for tackling tough stains

hyperCLEAN Enzyme is a vital part of cleaning up stains on fabrics, carpets, and upholstery of your car. Using our 2-step carpet system consisting of a pre-treatment of stains with Enzyme and following with hyperCLEAN Complete will provide a deep clean that is unrivaled in the auto detailing world. 

Directions: hyperCLEAN Enzyme is a Ready-To-Use Product. Do Not Dilute

  1. If the stain is fresh, blot any excess liquid or residue from the affected area using a clean, microfiber towel. Also, vacuum the area to remove loose debris.

  2. Spray hyperCLEAN Enzyme directly onto the stained area. Ensure complete coverage, extending beyond the edges of the stain.

  3. Allow hyperCLEAN Enzyme to dwell on the stain. This gives the enzymes ample time to break down the stain and odor-causing molecules.

  4. Gently agitate the treated area using a clean, soft-bristle carpet brush. Work the product into the fabric or carpet, targeting the stained portion.

  5. Blot the treated area with a clean, microfiber towel to remove excess moisture and residue. For carpets, you can also use a steamer, wet/dry vacuum, or extraction machine for a more thorough removal.

  6. For stubborn or persistent stains, repeat the process as needed until the stain is completely eliminated.