The Big Chug | Twist Loop 1400 GSM


Our LARGEST Drying towel measures 34"x28" and will make drying large vehicles a breeze. With the popularity of trucks and SUVs, we needed a towel that would soak up the water quickly without leaving any streaks behind. 

  • 1400 GSM With Highest Quality Material
  • Extremely Durable Will Withstand Hundreds of Washes  
  • Safest Material For Drying Car Paint 
  • Pair With hyperCLEAN SLIQ For The Ultimate Combo

Care Instructions:

Wash in cold water with other twist-loop towels. Use a microfiber-safe detergent so it doesn't damage your towel. Either air dry or machine dry on extremely low heat. Our Favorite way to wash towels is with equal parts distilled white vinegar and your favorite microfiber detergent.