Workaholic | 300 GSM



Our Workaholic is the perfect multi-use towel. It is a 16"x16" 300 GSM towel built to work in the dirtiest areas. Use it to clean up any surface like fender areas, engine bays, wheels/tires, and much more.  

  • Offered in 2 Colors To Use For Different Jobs
  • Great for Dirty Spots Around The Car 
  • Multi-Purpose and Extremely Durable
  • Pair With HyperCLEAN TRX or APC For Tough Jobs

Care Instructions:

Use a microfiber-safe detergent so it doesn't damage your towel. Either air dry or machine dry on extremely low heat. Our Favorite way to wash towels is with equal parts distilled white vinegar and your favorite microfiber detergent.