STAK | Rapid Ceramic Coating


It has never been easier to STAK your car's paint, existing ceramic coating, trim, glass, and PPF with the ultimate in protection! STAK is the ultimate ceramic coating solution designed specifically for professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts alike. Engineered for swift application and unparalleled performance, hyperCLEAN STAK is the go-to choice for those seeking to swiftly apply a ceramic coating as a standalone protection or to reinforce existing ceramic coatings. Bringing unmatched shine, gloss, and protection to your car's paint! (Watch Our STAK Video on YouTube)

Featuring our innovative Flexible Bonding Technology, STAK effortlessly adheres to any paint surface, PPF and seamlessly integrates with previously applied ceramic coatings. This means you can trust it to deliver exceptional results, whether you're enhancing an existing protection layer or establishing a new one. 

  • STAK Your Paint or Existing Ceramic Coating With More Ceramic Protection
  • Flexible Bonding Technology Gives Unmatched Shine and Hydrophobics
  • Great For Maintaining Existing Ceramic Coatings or Stand Alone Protection

Experience the convenience of hyperCLEAN STAK's rapid application process, allowing you to apply a ceramic coating to most cars in under 10-15 minutes. With its user-friendly spray format, achieving professional-grade ceramic protection has never been easier.

Elevate your detailing game and unlock the full potential of your vehicle's shine with hyperCLEAN STAK. Trust in its superior performance and flexibility to deliver the lasting protection and lustrous finish your car deserves.


For optimal application, choose to spray hyperCLEAN STAK onto our ceramic coating applicator or directly onto the surface. Wipe the product into the working area and allow it to flash; you'll notice sweat beads forming. Next, use the VersaTowel to wipe the area where beading occurs. Finish by flipping over the VersaTowel for a final wipe of the area. Ensure no residue is left behind before moving on to the next section.

Rinse out your sprayer after every use! The coating will harden in the sprayer and cause it to break. This is a true ceramic coating so it will harden up in the sprayer if not rinsed out. We send out 2 sprayers with every order.