TRX | Tire, Rubber, and Exterior



hyperCLEAN TRX is the most versatile cleaner on the market. It is a true multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean up plastics, rubber, paint, engines, and even coated leather.

  • Concentrated Surfactant Makes TRX Extremely Versatile
  • Safe On All Modern Surfaces 
  • Better Cleaning Ability Than Most Harsh Degreasers

TRX was developed to address the many different surfaces we find on cars today. A safe cleaner with the power to clean up all the modern surfaces of cars is what sets TRX apart. 

Dilution Recommendations:

Light Cleaning: 4:1 

Medium Cleaning: 3:1  

Heavy Cleaning: 1:1

To use on light paint pre-soaking try 10:1

On Interiors 20:1 for coated leathers and light staining.