Marolex Axel Foamer


We were not sold on the pump sprayer movement until we used Marolex. As most of you know the vast majority of pump sprayers on the market are cheap and don't perform very well. Marolex changed our entire view because of their high quality construction. These sprayers will last longer on each pump providing a great user experience. Marolex Axel Foamer comes with 3 different foam tips for different foam densities. This foam sprayer is absolutely insane and it is now one of our favorite tools to use!

Axel 3000 Specifications:

  • Total capacity - 118.34oz (3.5L)  
  • Working capacity - 101.44oz (3.0L)  
  • Pressure - 58 psi (0.4 Mpa)  
  • Net weight - 1.34 lbs (0.61 kg)  
  • Height - 13.58 in (345 mm)

Manufacturers Description:

For many people, foam is just bubbles of air, but in our opinion, foam is your new work tool. Thanks to new axel™ foamers, you will look at the foam like we do. You will get from us 3 different foam densities that you can use in an infinite number of applications. Let it foam, let it foam. 

3 foaming inserts produce foam of different density. It is enough to simply change the insert to – from a liquid foam, excellent for cavities penetration – get the foam dense and compacted so firmly that it keeps on almost vertical surfaces.