Anchor | 500 GSM



The Anchor Towel is the perfect towel to perform all kinds of tasks and be the anchor of your detailing process. This towel has so many different uses but, we think this is the perfect towel for cleaning the modern car interior. Of course, it can help with other tasks like polish removal, and applying hyperCLEAN SLIQ after a wash, but we love having a dedicated towel for the interior.

  • High-Quality Construction For Long-Lasting Use 
  • Great for Sensitive Areas Inside The Modern Car Interior 
  • Picks Up Dust And Dirt Efficiently
  • Pairs Perfectly with hyperCLEAN REVIVE

Care Instructions:

Use a microfiber-safe detergent so it doesn't damage your towel. Either air dry or machine dry on extremely low heat. Our Favorite way to wash towels is with equal parts distilled white vinegar and your favorite microfiber detergent.