DOS | Ceramic Coating 30mL


hyperCLEAN DOS is an incredibly slick ceramic coating that is simple to apply and has 2+ years of protection.  We designed DOS as a great coating for aficionados and detailers who want protection from the elements, deep gloss, and ease of maintenance.

  • 9H Hardness For Maximum Protection
  • Slower Flash Time Which Helps Ensure an Easy Application
  • Intense Water Beading/Sheeting 

DOS is applied in a thick single layer that looks amazing and provides incredible durability and protection for your car's paint.


Make sure your paint is thoroughly decontaminated using our Clay Mitt and Fuego. If required polish the paint either by hand or by machine. Apply 10-15 drops to your applicator pad and then apply to the surface. Apply to the paint in overlapping straight line passes in a 2ft by 2ft area or use the body lines of the vehicle to work a specific area. As the coating starts to "sweat" or bead up it is time to start the leveling process. Use our Leveler Towel for that initial leveling wipe of the area. Then come back with our VersaTowel for a final wipe to pick up any remaining coating on the surface. The coating should cure in 12-24 hours after application. During the curing process prevent the surface from getting wet for best results. We recommend not washing the car for 7-14 days after the coating has been applied.